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    3 Big Bowl Flower Stand

    by Comet Kitchen company


    Product Description

    MUGATLAL & BROS was established in 1942, the company soon became Pioneers in the industry with its brand “COMET”, started manufacturing, Trading and Importing KEROSENE PRODUCTS like Stoves, Blowlamps, Petromex, Burners, Gas Mantles and Spares. Since 1980’s the company has been expanding in LPGAS Equipments and Installations. We have continuously tried to enhance the variety and quality of our products resulting in an exclusive range of fuel-efficient products and services we offer today in Local and International Markets.

    The Company designs specific and specialized TURNKEY PROJECTS from Planning to Commissioning of Industrial Heating and Hotel Kitchen Equipments i.e. Preparation Equipments, Cooking Equipments, Storage Racks, Refrigeration Equipments, Exhaust Hoods, Wash Area Equipments , Furniture fabricated in high grade Stainless Steel & Other Metals. We expertise in L.P.Gas Pipeline Installations, Products, Services from Small JETS to BULK TANK like Burners, Regulators, Valves, Filters, Meters, Hoses, Manifold Systems, Pigtails & Conversation Technology from other fuel to L.P.GAS Systems, In the recent years we have added Kitchen Ware ,Knives ,Bake ware ,Tableware, Buffet Ware, Cutlery, Bar Accessories, Pots & Pans ,Dustbins to our Product Profile.


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